TAller de Arquitectura Emocional

Block Badel, Zagreb


Zagreb, Croacia.

Tipo de proyecto:

Concurso Urbano arquitectónico.


Colectivo Arquitectura Norte (CAN)

Año de proyecto:


Descripción del proyecto

Transfusion for trans-function

In a living organism a transfusion is the transference of elements from one system to another that requires or lacks those elements, Injecting new and revitalized energy, that generates new connections in a virtuous cycle.
Activity at ground level is a personal encounter, so the connections in that level integrate human activity.
The proposal incorporates 3 main connections that give clear reference of the reading of the city by the visitors.
Connection of urban nodes, in the large scale, and plazas, in the small scale
Connection to natural elements of the city
Connection with history
The manifestation of human activity in the space develops a pattern of different proportions that reaches out for the great values of the city and its inhabitants, creates new connections, made by the people’s interactions (social + economical).
The conscience and respect full incorporation of new elements in the existing historic tissue is proposed in clear and timeless forms that respond to information (climate, function, scale, morphology study, etc.).
The integration of diverse levels of activity in a multifunctional space, attracts a personal human relationship.
It has the capacity to evolve and change according to the necessities of the human and its surroundings.
We propose to reuse the existing space, in other terms recycle it using and optimizing the given area to promote a low density construction at ground level that permit natural elements to be protagonist in a personal level.
On the protected buildings, the facades should be restored to their original state, remaining as landmarks of the city.
Implement new structures and readapt the interiors to integrate several social, economic and cultural activities.